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Hello fellow veterinary professionals! We are very excited to announce that VetBloom has partnered with David Liss, RVT to offer premium webinars and on-demand training!

In the past few years David has produced a number of live webinars that many of you have attended. David’s love for the profession and love for his subject matter is clearly evident in his instruction, and he has simply delighted the veterinary community with his energy, knowledge, and engaging teaching style. 

 VetBloom deeply values veterinary technician/assistant education and training, and this is why we feel our match with David Liss is going to be so special. Combining David’s expertise with VetBloom’s world-class learning platform will yield instruction that is truly outstanding within the veterinary industry. 

David will continue to provide webinars throughout the year and will offer special training opportunities through the VetBloom Learning Platform. And while VetBloom will handle the RACE registrations, CE certificates, and the technical aspects of online delivery, you can enjoy access to David Liss who savors connecting with the growing veterinary community. 

What are people saying?

Real words from real customers!
  • I just thought I'd take a second to acknowledge how much I appreciate these CE sessions. They are super easy for me to access at home and David Liss is great. I've been trying to encourage our ER folks to do them because SAGE has really given us a gift by providing them.
  • It's so easy to watch from home (since I'm usually off) I've seen you speak in person and I was so excited to see my job paired with you.
    Shannon Savage Technician